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Learn the first of four sets of the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas and taste the Divine Essence of the Universe!

Balance your energy and flow simultaneously in Oneness with the Universe and your True Self!

The Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas are the introductory practice of Atma Shiva Yoga.

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Access the first part of the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas. You will be able to practice this everyday to prepare for the course where you will receive the full practice.
Free Online Course
The characteristics of high level meditation and why the most common forms of meditation will not bring you the results you are looking for!
Atma Shiva Yoga is classified as a high level meditative system designed to awaken the practitioner to the state of Enlightenment. This means Atma Shiva Yoga accomplishes the following three aspects:

1.  Filling the Body with Divine Energy.

For a meditational technique to be high level it must accomplish the important aspect of filling the body with Divine Energy. The energy of the Divine cannot be easily accessed. Simply visualizing is only imagination and won't lead to tangible effects. The Divine is an unlimited source of energy but can only be accessed through specific techniques. Filling the body with Divine Energy leads to healing and realization of one's Soul-Consciousness. One realizes tangibly that one's soul is eternal and distinct from the body and mind. 

2. Awakening the Energy Channels of the Body.

When the body is filled with Divine energy specific and secret energetic channels awaken to allow the body to process and radiate more Divine energy. The body becomes a spiritual power house capable to giving healing and radiating the Divine to others. As more energetic channels are awakened, the body is able to reflect the Light of the Source. The state of Enlightenment is attained.

3. Connecting your Soul to the Source.

This is a very secret function of high level meditation. Though one's soul originally is in a state of oneness with the Source, there is the dust of Karma that limits the Soul. The Soul is like a mirror. Once the Soul is wiped clean, the spark of the Divine wakes up and the Soul becomes the expression of the Source. This is the traditional goal of Yoga. Yoga means union of the individual Soul with the Universal Soul. Once this process takes place one is established in one's original condition of Enlightenment.

Why the three most common forms of meditation will not bring you enlightenment or Self Realization.
1. Silence or Stillness meditation.

Stillness meditation or sitting in silence accomplishes basically what the description of the technique is. It is only sitting in silence and will only accomplish sitting in silence. Divine energy is not cultivated nor will it awaken the energy channels of the body. It may only give you a temporary peace and increase your awareness of your thoughts and emotions but will not accomplish anything beyond this.

2. Mantra meditation.

Meditation using a mantra is only a bit better than sitting in silence. Though the mantra provides limited access to divine energy, the mantra on its own is too weak for full immersion into the divine. For a practitioner who is already Enlightened, the mantra will be strong enough to increase spiritual development. For the beginner, however, the power of the mantra is not strong enough to awaken the energy channels of the body or to connect the Soul  to the Source.

3. Pranayama or following the breath.

Pranayama again is not sufficient to awaken the energy channels of the body enough to radiate the light of the Divine. While following the breath may lead to building up of basic prana in the body it is not divine prana or divine light that is cultivated. However pranayama is very good for the health of the body and to prepare the body for higher practices.

The Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas will accomplish the first aspect of filling the body with Divine Energy.
 What is Prana?

Prana is the life-force inherent inside all beings and the universal seal of energy that vitalizes all matter. In some traditions it is called as “Chi”. Prana has an inherent intelligence that enables it to carry out all the life-sustaining processes. Many practices aim to control and balance the Prana. Once Prana is balanced and flows in a state of harmony, health and wellness is attained.

What is Shiva?

Shiva is another term for the Universal Consciousness that is the Soul or Self inherent inside all beings. Shiva is the primordial aspect of the Brahman, the Universal Reality. Shiva is the highest expression of our Consciousness and it is through Shiva we become liberated from the pangs of the body and mind.

What are the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas?

Kriya means action with awareness. When we combine kriyas with Prana and Shiva-Consciousnesss we are able to access a high level spiritual practice where we are in tune with the Universe, the Prana and our True Self at the same time. The Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas are the foundational spiritual practices of Atma Shiva Yoga. will allow you to accumulate the energy of the Divine for healing and to prepare you for the much deeper practice of Atma Shiva Yoga. These Kriyas will heal all diseases in the body and allow you to taste the divine energy of Shiva. Practice these kriyas every day for healing and for the development of latent faculties including third eye awakening. This will prepare you for the deeper journey of Atma Shiva Yoga where true enlightenment is attained.

Will I also receive the Superconscious Shiva Transmission?

All participants of the Shiva Pranashakti Kriya Course will receive the Superconscious Shiva transmission at the end of the session. This will be an initiation into the Divine energy of Shiva so you can access the most energy out of the Kriya’s. The initiation will also bless you with the state of Self-Realization where you taste your true Self, distinct from your body and mind.

Attend the Shiva Pranashakti Kriyas Free Online Course
  • Access the State of Self Realization.
  • Completely heal yourself of all ailments
  •  Prepare yourself for the much deeper practice of Atma Shiva Yoga.
  •  Learn how to simultaneously flow in tune with the universe, your true Self and the Prana.
  •  Awaken hidden abilities such as third eye awakening.
  •  Taste the divine essence of your Soul.
  •  Realize your Divine Nature.
  •  Become a Light for yourself and others.

What you are going to learn...
A technique to heal all aspects of your body and mind
The Ability to Cultivate Divine Energy
Becoming a Light for Yourself and Others.
Ausar’s experience comes from years of intensive travel around the world where he met and trained with various high-level masters from Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions. Ausar studied the Vaishnava spiritual tradition with Paramahamsa Swami Vishwananda. He also studied the Shaivite tradition for 2 years under the direction of Paramahamsa Nithyananda in India. Ausar underwent intensive Buddhist and Taoist training with Grandmaster Doo Wai for a period of 3 years where he trained with the Grandmaster every second day of the week via web video call. He also traveled twice to Los Angeles to see the Grandmaster in person and trained with him privately for a month each at a time. He was taught various secret practices during this time of which Ausar became the sole holder of the systems. Other masters that Ausar has met and trained under include Chunyi Lin and Robert Peng.  Atma Shiva Yoga came as a revelation after years of training and study and is a synthesis of the highest teachings of Hinduism that he received from his masters. Atma Shiva Yoga directly carries the blessings of Lord Sadashiva. Ausar now wishes to share to the world what he received through Atma Shiva Yoga. Ausar also provides free transmission into the superconscious state of Shiva every week.
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