Atma Shiva Yoga - Awakening the Divine in Every Heart
The Secret Passcode that unlocks the Divine Within You
You'll be surprised how easy and effective this process is
Access the foundational Atma Shiva Yoga Meditation and experience the Superconscious state in less than one minute!
Are you interested in spirituality and meditation but at a complete loss as to how to find that authentic connection to the divine?

You are wondering what technique of meditation will guarantee you real results on the spiritual path.

But really enlightenment seems more of a fantasy for you, not a real achievable reality, with concrete steps.

It is sad that this is the state of spirituality today.

You may be just starting out in meditation and spirituality and you are looking for that gentle technique to relax you from the stress of daily life. you are wondering what is the actual goal of meditation, is it just to calm your mind, or is there anything deeper to it?

Or you may have have been on the spiritual path for a while and have tried countless techniques, you appear to be running around in circles without any specific attainment or permanent results. You wonder if enlightenment is possible for you in this lifetime.

For those who have been on the search for a while and for the newcomers, I guarantee you it is possible, but you need the right specialized technology.

What if there was a way for the meditational process to be done for you, where the meditation was effortless, where you didn’t have to strive to control your mind, be still, or attain a certain state?

Would you believe its possible for yourself to experience a deep-seated awareness, where you can experience the Oneness, and at the same time, a blissfulness that keeps you ecstatic; and all of this happening without you trying at all?

Enlightenment is a very complex process involving energy centers channels and the fusion of universal energy inside yourself forever. It is like building a computer from scratch and hooking it up to a power grid.

In reality, only the Divine can accomplish this complicated process inside yourself.

In Hinduism, Atma means the individual or the soul, Shiva means the Divine or the Universe, and Yoga is the union between the two.

Atma Shiva Yoga accomplishes the union between you and the Universe, the fusion of universal energy inside you forever.

And the best part is you don’t have to do anything yourself, the divine does everything.

Atma Shiva yoga has a unique aspect of having a special breath control, like a passcode, that triggers the divine process to take place.

Now Is this possible with regular stillness meditation or simply following the breath? Absolutely not! This is why regular meditators and practitioners of spirituality don’t get anywhere even if they are meditating for 20 or 30 years.

Now I will give you a free glimpse of what Atma Shiva Yoga is like. I’ll give you a taste of the divine technique. This will immediately start connecting you to the universal energy and put you into an immediate superconscious state. While this will not fully awaken you to the full enlightenment experience, it will more than start you on the path.
Atma Shiva Yoga brings:
Meditation Done for you
In true enlightenment process, the Universe, or the Divine, takes care of the entire process. Only the Divine can unlock those secret channels needed for the true enlightenment state to take place.
permanent Attainment
When the enlightenment process takes place, the permanent fusion of universal energy occurs within you. This means that you carry this energy with you forever, whether you meditate or not.
Becoming a LIght for Others
As the divine radiates through you, you become a Light for yourself and others bringing healing and love to all those that you meet. You start to carry the energy of a master.
Success Story:
During Twenty-five years of meditation with various teachings of different traditions, and finally the last 15 years of Kriya Yoga, I have to admit that this system is the most powerful i have found in my entire life. Atma Shiva Yoga is like playing a piano, It is different to play the piano and to listen to piano music. In my prior experience, doing meditation is often like listening to music. But instead while doing Atma Shiva Yoga it is more like playing an instrument, and guess what.. God or whatever you may call the divine is the player and you are the instrument. Divine ecstasy, the music of God. I think soon Light Seekers will come from everywhere to experience these teachings. 

Giorgio, Italy.
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