Atma Shiva Yoga
Awaken the Divine Within

Atma Shiva Yoga
Awaken the Divine Within
Atma - Individual Consciousness 
Atma - Individual Consciousness 
Shiva - Universal Consciousness 
Shiva - Universal Consciousness 
Yoga - Union of the Individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness 
Yoga - Union of the Individual Consciousness with the Universal Consciousness 
When Atma is United with Shiva Enlightenment is Attained and Yoga is Realized
Accomplish more in your life with the power of the Universal Consciousness! 
Live in a state of Permanent Bliss
When you live in oneness with the Universal Consciousness  there is only the experience of bliss and joy. When bliss and joy become our foundation we have more energy to accomplish our goals.
End Stress and Conquer all forms of Negativity
Being intune with a power higher than ourselves leads to healing and elimination of negativity on all levels. Increased practice of Atma Shiva Yoga will end stress and free you from all unwanted past memories
Experience Effortless Meditation
When your meditation directly contacts the Universal Consciounsess there is no need to actively clear your mind or put effort to meditate. Ater the meditation you will be left with the experience of bliss, peace and deep healing. 
What makes Atma Shiva Yoga Unique?
Atma Shiva Yoga is the only system of Meditation which directly taps into the Universal Consciousness.
A special breath control sequence is used to awaken the Universal Consciousness within you!
After accomplishing the breath control sequence you will experience the entire meditation is 'guided' by the Universal Consciousness.
Experience It Now!
Glimpse the Superconscious state of Enlightenment with this Free Atma Shiva Yoga meditation!
The exact step by step process you can use to enter a state of oneness with the Universe.
Traditional depiction of the Universal Consciousness as "Shiva".
Atma Shiva Yoga
Atma Shiva Yoga is a complete five level system that directly accomplishes the union of the individual consciousness with the Universal Consciousness. This has always been the original goal of yoga since ancient times.

In Hinduism the Atma represents the individual or the Soul. Shiva represents the Divine or the Universe. Yoga is the union between the two.
Atma Shiva Yoga is the only system of Kriya Yoga where the Divine directly meditates the practitioner. You do not have to perform the meditation by your own effort. In Atma Shiva Yoga the Divine conducts the entire process.

Upon accomplishing the secret breath control sequence that is unique to Atma Shiva Yoga, the Divine directly enters the individual and begins the unique spiritual process that ultimately results in the merging of the Soul into the Supreme Soul. All the samskaras and negative mental impressions (vasanas) that the individual has accumulated dissolve, freeing one from all karmic obstructions. Atma Shiva Yoga goes one step ahead and also starts to fuse the Divine with the individual soul. As the divine enters the consciousness of the individual only celestial light and deep abiding bliss is experienced. Shivoham, or the consciousness of “I am Shiva” becomes the Reality.
Atma Shiva Kriya
The preparatory practice of Atma Shiva Yoga
Learn an ancient siddha technique to skyrocket your progress to Self Realization
  •  Tap into the power of the Universal Consciousness 
  • ​Free yourself from negativity.
  • ​Experience living in a constant state of Bliss.
  • ​Begin to live in the state of Enlightenment.
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About  Ausar
Ausar’s experience comes from years of intensive travel around the world where he met and trained with various high-level masters from Hindu, Buddhist and Taoist traditions.  Ausar studied the Vaishnava spiritual tradition with Paramahamsa Swami Vishwananda.    Ausar underwent intensive Buddhist and Taoist training with Grandmaster Doo Wai for a period of 3 years where he trained with the Grandmaster every second day of the week via web video call. He also traveled twice to Los Angeles to see the Grandmaster in person and trained with him privately for a month each at a time.Other masters that Ausar has met and trained under include Chunyi Lin and Robert Peng. Atma Shiva Yoga came as a revelation after years of training and study and is a synthesis of the highest teachings of Hinduism that he received from his masters
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